Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Last weekend i drove from BKK to Huahin by myself
it took 2 hours and a half to get there
actually it's must be only 2
hours to get there
but i went there by my dad's little white Daihatsu
couldn't drive more than 100 km/hr

i met two of my friends there Wan and Belle
we stayed at The Sea Cret
it's a small boutique hotel in Huahin
but i didn't like it that much
the room was too small and too damn expensive !
anyway we couldn't change it so we had to faced it -_-"

we went to Baan-Klai-Wang for brunch
my Orange juice : )
this is the most awesome cheese omlette
Coconut Cake
Choco lava
so sweet *

after that we went to Malukkatayawa Palace
where we took many photos
Wan and Belle

all photo by Wan ^^

then we headed to Ploen Wan
ice chocolate

Wan, our photographer

for out dinner we went to Yuu-Yen
my salad, cause i was vegetarian at that time
pak booungggggg
kiew cheese

and for the end of the day we went to Cicada
a super chic market in Huahin ;)


  1. สวยคะ่

  2. love ur photos taken at Malukkatayawan palace!